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Raising The Bar

Dads don’t always get the credit that they deserve.  I am not saying that dads are perfect. We all know that’s not true. But dads have a God designed influence that the heavenly Father has put inside of them that no one else on this earth can possibly touch.   

Did you know that if the dad is the first person to come to Christ that there is a ninety three percent probability that the children will also follow in the steps of the dad if he gives his life to Christ.  If a mom comes to Jesus first, if she gives her life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior for the first time there is a seventeen percent chance that the children will also follow.

Men, you’ve got a God designed influence that’s inside of you. You are to invest it in the lives of the next generation.  Here are three things that I hope will spark dads to be the number on influencer in their children’s lives.:

1. The days are long but the years are short.

Our time with our kids is but a breath.  And then it’s gone.  If yo don’t want to have regrets because you though you had a lot of time to spend with your kids, then don’t waste a moment. 

2.  Extraordinary parenting happens in ordinary moments.

Seize the ordinary moments in life to talk about, to bring up, an extraordinary God. That’s when some of the best parenting happens.  In ordinary moments. I’m talking about the not so special moments of life.  Tuesday afternoon, Thursday evening.  Just ordinary moments.  Not the perfect ones.

3. Set the bar high when it comes to parenting.

God’s standards are high.  God demands that we constantly strive for His standard.  In regards to parenting, we will all fail from time to time.  But what we need to realize is that even when we fail, we have an advocate, Jesus our Savior, who will come along side us and pick us up,l dust us off, and get us back in the game.  We never parent alone.  Jesus is always with us and will never leave us or forsake us. 

So dads, start with Jesus and you keep following him and his ways.

Happy Father’s Day!